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Angels Fall Without You There
I rarely make a public post but today I figured fuck it! I don't really care. Some of my closest friends don't have an lj so what the hell?! I'll open up to all you bitches.
My life is....good. So much has changed though. Raych and I are still seeing each other. We're going on three months, me thinks. We see each other every week which is pretty good considering she lives in Utah. And she will be here again tomorrow!! Raychel is awesome and we have good times. We never fight or even argue. Thank GOD for the lack of drama.
I have many close friends for the first time ever. Matt, Rachel, Raych, Brett, Carrie, Tiffany & Ane, Jaeda, Amee, Jen, Leah, Kelle, Chantelle, Mark, Cae, Ritza, Brandon, and some other kick ass peeps! Its a good feeling to have people to count on and trust.
No more Saturn Ion for this kid. Last week I bought a 2006 Ford Focus zx3 and its being pimped out! I love driving it!! My little roller skate and ke ke ke.
I am in the process of enrolling in ITT Tech and continuing my degree at CCSN. I will complete my associates in Information Systems within the year.
The animals are fine. Koby is blind as a bat but cute as ever! Maggie is small and talking mad shit to everyone! Prada caught his first (that I know of, at least) baby bird. Ewwwwwwies. It looked like an alien so I had to ask Raychel to remove it. *shivers* Nastiness.
My mom is getting older and encountering health issues. We are not getting along very well at the moment. My dad and I talk frequently and have some form of relationship...I think.
I have fallen in love with Hookah and thus the Hookah Lounge is my new favorite hang out. I can out smoke allllllllll you fuckers!! Guaranteed.
Ha, and the funniest part...............I am growing my hair out. Currently its longer than its been in a while. Wowsa!
Finally...I threw out my Birkenstocks. It was time for a change.

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I wore birks for almost a year straight! i loved them to death

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