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You And Me Babe..How About It?

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Yaaaaaaaay Boxes
The UPS guy who loves Maggie (yes he comes here that often) came by and dropped off my Domino and Hostel DVD. Yay! That means after I pick Raych up at the airport and I go to the dealership to resign papers we can watch them!! Wooo000ooo000T! Ohhh and we're meeting Tiffany and Ane for dinner at the Excalibur. Good times, people.
I am bummed that I missed House last night. I effin' love that show! I was on the phone with Helena for like two hours then Jae then Raych then Chantelle. They just kept coming. No complaints here though. I love my friends.

Gah, I'm tired. Maggie and Koby insist on waking me up every morning by throwing toys on my head. ....the hell!? I blame Raychel for that. When I go to the dealership today I need to remember my custom checklist so I get everything I want on it. I want tires, rims, XM radio, etc. My car payment is barely $200 and I love it very much. It makes me happy.
Ha, I'm buying Koby a spiked Harley Davidson collar. He is a tough little fucker.

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Lol, i never thought of it that way

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