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I Won't Kiss And Tell
Sometimes I feel like I need to be alone. I don't mean in the relationship sense but I crave silence and I rarely get that anymore. I'm in my room, secluded, just thinking about her and how she makes me feel. Brandon is having some girl over for dinner *rolls eyes*. I wish he was leaving with her instead. I adore Brandon but sometimes its nice to have a break. You know?! No word from Raychel. I guess I no longer miss her. Come to think of it I never really missed her...I was used to her and it takes me a while to get back to how things were before I met a certain person.
Kacey (Jessica's ex) and I hang out a lot. I think she is fucking kick ass. A lot of people have talked shit about her to me but I don't think it was all true. She makes me laugh and we have fun when we're out. There's no drama. Just good times.
Katie may come play next weekend. I hope she does. Its Fathers Day...fuck. I should buy him a card and say thanks for all Doing laundry is boring but consistant. I want pizza. Mmmmm pizza sounds good.
I can't believe I'm spending my summer in a classroom.

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i'm spending my summer in a classroom too.
we're cool kids.
< 3

dammit woman!!! Gimme that ticket! I'll drag your ass out, I can assure you. You have yet to realize (and/or admit) that you cannot say no to me. :) I totally forgot that I'm actually in summer school...
And I haven't looked up any of my classes :O!!!

And fine then! FINE! Don't mention how GREAT I am, and how I'm your FAVORITE person in the whole world!
:P j/k.

Call me homo!

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