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You And Me Babe..How About It?

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My Wish
I haven't written in this thing in so fucking long. I was honestly impressed that I remembered my password. So much has happened. For starters....I moved to fucking Florida for a girl (because thats how I roll *coughs*) and then we broke up.
How do I feel?

God Damn good question.
My heart is in that place where sleeping dogs lie and no words are good words and no touches are...appropriate and the soul and the body are....fuck. Maybe I should update more tomorrow when I haven't spiked my Kool-Aid♥

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hey! it's good to see a post from you (although i wish the circumstances were different).
anyway, why do we keep getting our hearts broken? we're like the two coolest people on planet earth for pete's sake.
i hope to hear/read more from you.

p.s. do you remember me?

Its the baulz....baulz.

Dude, I DO remember you! You're the one with the funniest journal on the planet. Have you graduated to Myspace yet?

Re: Its the baulz....baulz.

no, no myspace yet. is that where you've been this whole time?

Re: Its the baulz....baulz.

Lol, yes. Tis' a true story. Damn internet crack.

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