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You And Me Babe..How About It?

I Like To Talk....So Listen, Bitches.
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Get Off Your Asses!
Once the blog function starts working again I will post this in more detail BUT for now...I am looking for volunteers to help me with this:

It is the AFAN Aids walk here in Las Vegas, NV. I am going to walk so I am looking for fellow walkers and sponsers if you are financially able. I am willing to walk in California, Arizona, and Utah. If you live in any of these states and plan on walking LET ME KNOW and I will make the trip to help. We really can make a difference. THANKS!!!

Here is what you will find on the website:
Welcome to AIDS Walk Las Vegas 2006

AIDS Walk Las Vegas 2006 will be held Sunday, April 23rd. This year will be the 16th Annual AIDS Walk. Sixteen years of recognizing a disease that has grown to be a worldwide pandemic. This year's AIDS Walk begins on 3rd Street in downtown Las Vegas (Between Ogden and Stewart). Individual Walkers and Walk Team numbers have grown significantly, sponsorships by local businesses and organizations continue to increase, and public awareness rises with every walk.

Proceeds benefit Aid for AIDS of Nevada, the oldest and largest AIDS service organization in Nevada. For over 22 years, AFAN has been providing assistance to individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS.

Last year, more than 5,000 people walked raising over $250,000. Over 100 corporate and community teams raised 60% of the total funds collected. Teams represent some of the leading corporations and organizations in Southern Nevada including MGM Mirage, Macy's, Pinnacle Health System, M.A.C Cosmetics, UNLV, Wells Fargo and many more.

We hope you'll be a part of AIDS Walk Las Vegas 2006. Your support will make a difference!

Its Gonna Rain, Its Gonna Pour..Through Sickness And Worse Can I Love More?
I love Catie Curtis. I forgot about how much I missed her. I got out for a bit tonight and spent some time with the person who knows me the best. The one person who has known me for the longest=my mom. She gave me great insight and I finally stopped crying. I hadn't known Danielle well enough to really care but for some reason I cared a lot more about her than I realized. I'll get over I always do.
Kelle and I talked tonight. She told me she remembered how controlling Dana was. Funny how I didn't make any of that up. *coughs*
I don't need people in my life who don't believe me or trust me. Its that simple. I am starting over...brand new slate. Ya'll can come if you want.

(no subject)
do be do be dooooooooooo

bed is for pussies.

Why Do We Lie Here And Whisper Good Byes?

Dearest Bitches and Hoes,

I am officially making most of my enteries friends only from this point on. If you are a frequent reader in the life and times of moi I suggest you comment on this entry to let me know you're there so I may add ya. Otherwise, don't let the door hit ya where the good goddess split ya!!

I hate Lena. I mean, this isn't anything new but I feel like saying it again. She has to be the most stupid person I've ever had the displeasure of meeting. And her girlfriend, Mandi, isn't any better. Mandi is just desperate and horny. I text messaged Mandi "you suck and thats sad" a few days ago. I did it because I felt like it and I don't care if it bothered her. Anyone that stupid to get offended over a happy bunny comment deserves the pain and suffering. Lena left a comment for me that said something about fucking my dogs...I don't know if she was implying that I did that or if she was interested in the two of them for herself. Hmmmm. Yes, I love my dogs. Riiiight. Thats like...hmmm...fifth grade? It makes me sick to my stomach to know Jessica was with that thing. Sure Jessica says it was the grossest thing she's ever done and she regrets it but still. Blech. Naaaaaaaaaaaaasty.

The funniest thing about it is Lena's skank (Mandi) used to be into me. I give most people a chance but I couldn't give her one. Voices are a big thing to me and if yours is jacked I won't be interested. Plus she reminded me of the female humpty dumpty. I don't mean that in a rude way but if its taken as such, thats okay too.
Lena and Mandi are a couple made in hell and I hope they burn down there.

Breathe Into My Hands
Stressed!! Gah, alright...*takes deep breath*....merf! Can I just say that I am moving in one week?! Fuck me in the goat ass! That is not a lot of time, people!!! akdfadkjfal;dfkjladskljfdalksj;kjdf;lasadkjlfsdakljfsdakjlsakldsjfafdadf I hate my life.
I have so much shit that we're getting rid of....its craise! I posted a bulletin on Myspace trying to urge Vegas peeps to take advantage but so far no hitters.
On the upside, we bought a 51' HDTV Flat Screen TV yesterday. Hells yeah! I am a happy boi!!!

This entry is sorta all over the place and I apologize....there is so much to do!!!

Wow. Jaeda may be the funniest person in the world.

This is what she said to me:

jaedanicole17: fuckshitcuntboogerdick

It Goes With Age
This weekend was all sorts of craise!! Having the new pup around is wonderful, though. He is such a loveable ball of fluff and I can't say enough how happy I am we got him.
Now on to this weekends events...we saw 'Stealth' on Friday night with Matt & Robin. I didn't care much for it but then again i wasn't expecting much to begin with. Saturday the three of us went to the Carnival World Buffet At The Rio. That place had food for days!! It all tasted yummy too.
I may have said this before but I need to get crackin' on finding a job this week. We are set to move into the new place September 6th and I want to be employed by then. Gah at the fucking employment issues in Nevada. I don't mean to sound racist *because I'm not* but unless you are of hispanic origin they don't want to hire you. Crackdonalds here I come.

Tonight we went to my moms so she could meet "Koby" and the dogs could run around on the golf course. The puppies are so cute when they play in the grass.

Well, this entry was going to be long and indepth but I forgot what I was going to update about. *le sighs*...Did I mention I turned 27 last Monday? Niiiiiice.

You Don't Know How Sick You Make Me
Lesbians can't be friends with other lesbians. There always has to be fucking drama.
On that note, there is a special on gay marriages on. Too bad they had to lift that fucking law. I hate this country sometimes. It makes me sick to my stomach.


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